If you love shopping, then Japan is definitely a heaven for those who wants to bring something home to share with friends and family.

Every time I go to Japan I try to buy different omiyage (gifts) back home to share with friends and family. However, due to superb quality of the ones I picked….many wound up in my own stomach instead. I think next time I will buy two of each kind, just so I don’t have to feel like a piece of heart is being given out when choosing what to share with others.

Guess which ones I ended up keeping them in a locked box for myself!

1. Kimono Bottle Wear

I could not take my eyes off after seeing them the first time! The pretty Kimono Bottle Wear has many different colors and patterns. I love how they use cotton for the material (easier to clean), and the male version of the bottle wear even has a tiny Samurai sword on it! You can easily find them in Narita Airport!

2. Nagano’s Traditional Japanese Pastry – Apple

If you are visiting Nagano area, you probably will see many snacks made with apple! This one caught my heart because not only it looks cute, but the flavor of fresh apple lingers even after you finish the pastry.

The pastry comes in a small paper box decorated just like how they package the fruits in Asia. Inside the pastries are placed on a plastic tray, then covered by plastic wrapping. Since the wrapping is airtight, this snack also can last about 3-4 months, which is longer than other omiyage snacks. (Many omiyage snacks only lasts about 2 weeks before expiration).

This can be found at the convenient store (before gate) in Matsumoto Train station!

3. Soba Noodle Package

You are probably thinking “Big deal, I can buy this at Asian market here in America!”

Oh, no no no ~ The ones sold here in Japan not only are specially packaged, sometimes they are labeled as “hand made” from scratch, or uses special ingredients like yam or with green tea powder.

You can boil them, then dip the noodles into the sauce that comes along with the package. Or, you can eat the noodles with soup also.

Definitely great for dinner parties and for whose who are health conscious!

4. Sesame Egg (Goma Tamago)

If you have some fetish for sesame like I do, then you will enjoy this snack. Sesame Egg (Goma Tomago) is basically sesame paste enclosed by cake and sugar layers. I do love how much sesame paste is in each one…

My Little Secret:  I have a special habit of microwaving them slightly (about 10-14 seconds) so the inside is more soft and gooey ~ Ohhh, then add it with vanilla ice cream, it is like the best combo between east and west!

This one can be found at Shinjuku Station in Tokyo!



So which ones did I end up saving them for myself?