Perhaps you guys can solve this mystery for me!

It was 2 am in the morning, we were hungry and tired from partying, and decided to go fetch some Ramen.

As someone who has already noticed the tightness of the pants, and tried to control the urge to feast on food for days, eating fried food and carbs in the middle of the night sounded so exciting and daring that I was looking forward to it.

Once us party of four arrived, everyone started ordering. Now I could not understand some of the Japanese due to language barrier, but I remembered everyone seems to take a long time to finish their order…..(and mind you those guys are skinny!!)

about 10 minutes later, the waiter came with our food…

First the waiter gave us our ramen.

Our standard ramen with nori/seaweed and chiashu/meat on top. Everything looks good here.

(I know my resistance is futile at this point…)

Then he gave us the absolute must-have: Gyoza/ pot-stickers.

Yummm, but nothing out of the line….

Then comes this….for each person !!! (below)

I rubbed my eyes….made sure I was not seeing something else. Rice? Rice with noodles and pot-stickers all at the same time???!!!

If ramen is about 500-700 calories (depending on size and ingredients), and that plate of pot-stickers is about 250 – 300 calories, then adding on a bowl of rice (240-250 calorie)….Oh dear bless my stomach.

and we ate it all 2am in the morning!

okay, it was officially Game Over for someone who was trying to shed some pounds.

But why? why do Japanese people love ordering a bowl of white rice with ramen? That is one thing I don’t understand. To me ramen contains enough carb for the meal….the rice seems to be out of nowhere….right?

So if you guys got any friends in Japan, ask them : Why do Japanese people like to eat a bowl of rice with ramen?

(because our Japanese friends did not know how to answer us when we asked….)

P.S. The whole meal was pretty yummy though….pats belly