It was only like yesterday when I looked at myself in the mirror again.

I still look like a red tomato no matter how much facial cream and masks I been putting on my face for the last two days.

I am definitely not able to go under the sun for the rest of this week….especially with my sunburn. I knew I should have re-applied sunscreen after the first three hours …but I got lazy and now I am blazing red, with bruises on my legs also.

So what have I been doing?

I actually went to see Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix featuring MotoGP World Championship in Monterey, CA last weekend.
I love motorcycles, and definitely love some of the international riders out there. I knew I had to risk my life and camp at the paddock area, waiting to capture some interesting moments between the riders and the crowds (actually, hot grid girls also).

Here are some photos that are worth mentioning.

Why did I mention I was risking my life?

Because there are lots of fans waiting right at the paddock area every day of that weekend since 7am in the morning. Ever been to a Justin Bieber concert??….this one also has a lot of dedicated fans for different riders, and when their favorite comes out, screams and excitement filled my ears. (Yea do not try to kiss the riders… will have to face some angry fans in the back.)

My Favorite Part about the Wait?

To be honest, I love talking to the mechanics of each racing team. Not really serious motorcycle chat, but just about anything else. Some mechanics were awesome even make jokes at me. (Photo Above: Aspar team of MotoGP)

The Heart Pumping Moments..

Sometimes, the unexpected person will catch your heart in seconds….even though you may not know who he/ she is. Last year there was one that stole my heart….I think this year I found a couple more un-named beauties. (Photo Above: Someone from Honda Gresini)

The Must Get Photos?

I think for many guys, they were probably all about the grid/promo girls at the race. What amazed me though about these girls was that some have absolutely amazing make-ups on. Not sure if our cosmetics technology got better (plus some girls have perfect skin), but I did not need to Photoshop and clean the faces at all.

The girls must have camera radars on them….they could spot a camera pointing at them a mile away, and find the best expression and pose in seconds.

When Things Happen…

As the riders come out, all the cameras sparkles like millions of stars in the sky….No time for heart stopping and moments to enjoy your view, forget about trying to adjust your camera and trying to find a perfect spot, just point and wish yourself good luck on getting a photo. (Photo Above: Valentino Rossi of Ducati Team)

They Will Sign Almost Anything…..Almost

The funniest moment I saw was a kid who might have forgotten to bring something he wanted the rider to sign, so he handed one of his shoes, fresh from his feet, to the rider. I had the  ” O_O !!!” face at that moment, because I was not sure what the rider was going to do with that shoe….but amazingly, with charisma and grace, the rider did sign it . Phew ~ (Photo Above: Roger Lee Hayden from AMA) Now I wonder what are the weirdest things the riders have signed in their life.
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I will say this about motorsports events: These events are great for people who want to practice their photography skills. You get lots of chances to do random portraits, instant – reflex shooting, panning, and more…

Have you ever tried to take photographs at racing events? How was it like for you?