FootTracker actually got an internship offer overseas.

The internship will start in September at a remote town in northern Taiwan (with great night markets, mountains, beaches, mouth watering local cuisines, and more). I negotiated my hours so I can have some time off to wonder around the area.

Every country go through changes as time goes on. Taiwan is the same thing. There has been a lot of renovation of old buildings, streets, community designs in the cities. Though some love the new lift, some misses the old. For me I am worried that people will forget about the history and the old world charm that Taiwan holds, so I hope I can capture some of that beauty through photography. At the same time I want to introduce interesting places that independent travelers can go without the tour groups.

And of course since Taiwan is only about 3 hours away from Japan, so I will be using this chance to go there again (though this time I probably will be touching down somewhere new!)

Which means:
1. More traveling posts will be coming your way, designed for independent travelers (medium budget).

2. There will be photo updates on my Flickr Site on weekly basis.

3. FootTracker is actually planning to have an photo exhibition (with auction) at the end of her trip. Part of the proceeds will go to a nonprofit organization in Taiwan as my way of giving back to the land I was born in.

4. There will be video posts to show the streets and food of Taiwan.

Side Note* FootTracker is also looking for sponsors for video camera and photography accessories (like lens filters, extra batteries, monopods, video camera mounts…camera backpacks, etc). Right now FootTracker has a Nikon camera & a GoPro.