Japan Sakura Season ~ Ready for the Chase?

If there is any time that people around the world would flock to the Japan, willing to squeez through mountains of people and get a loan for one of the highest airfare of the season for that picture perfect moment outdoor, it would be sakura season. And ahh, time is coming up fast!!

Okay I am kidding about getting a loan for the airplane ticket. XD

But Sakura season is one of those times when photographers love going to Japan to capture the essence of the spring, and travelers love visiting during this season to experience the culture of having bentos, beer, and karaoke under the sakura trees with the locals. Yet it is also one of the hardest season to plan for the trip because sakura does not blossom at anyone’s will even if you pay it a million dollars. Sometimes the news say the sakuras in this city will blossom this week, yet for some reason they like to play a trick and decides blossomed couple weeks later. Yet when you are lucky and hit the town at the right time,  the sight, the crowd, the vibe, will make you feel like all the troubles are worth it ~

Anyways, better to try your luck than never right?
So if you are the lucky ones who wants to go see the sakura blossoms in Japan, at least you can get some idea of a rough estimate of when it blossoms from this photo (copyright website http://sakura.weathermap.jp/ )

Good Luck and tell me about your trip !! =D