When talking about food souvenirs in Taiwan, people usually would think of pineapple cake, or the sun biscuit, and how about some rice liquor.

BUT!!  If you want something new (with bragging rights) to bring back to your country and share with your family and friends, I’ve got something better here!

When you go to Yilan County to enjoy LuoDong Night Market for a night, you can definitely pick those items up on the way home!!. Plus you get the bragging rights because these items below cannot be found in the airport stores =D

1. Honey Milk Candy – Bee Farmer/養蜂人家


Bee Farmer brand was first establish during 1981 in Taiwan. Seven years after, the company opened its own bee farms in Yilan County , and even built an educational garden with exhibitions and demonstrations of how they acquire honey.

I first found their store front when I moved into an apartment in Yilan County while working in the area last year. The store lady offered my a cup of honey tea, which I was amazed how the smell of their honey is so strong and yet the the tea is refreshing. A few weeks after I saw the store started selling honey milk candy, and the lady offered me several samples to try. Immediately I was hooked on by the creamy taste of the candy, yet the scent of honey lingers long after, and made me want more of it!! I bought a box for my colleagues at work, and they returned the same day to order 50 boxes .

I have seem and tasted plenty of milk candies, but honey milk candy is the first, and Bee Farmers knows how to get it right. You can actually find their store front in Taipei at

Taipei Xin Yi Area Mitsukoshi Department Store Building A11 Level B2. 台北市信義區新光三越百貨A11館B2.

2. Ox Tail Cookies – Yih Shun Shiuan/奕順軒


No, it is not the actual ox tail, so animals lovers please relax. And no, it is not named ox tail because of the taste, so do not panic, yet. Is named Ox Tail because of the shape of the cookie.

DSC_4290The brand Yih Shun Shiuan (奕順軒) is an well known Yilan County bakery that was established about 34 years ago. Yih Shun Shiuan makes many of the traditional pastries like Ox Tongue Cookies, sweet and salty pastry cake, Taiwanese pineapple cake, and they also make western style bread in the store.

The Ox tail cookies are flat and long with a strip of melted black sugar in the middle.It is best when paired with Oolong or black tea. The store in LuoDong is always packed with people, and during high travel season, they would close earlier because all items would be all sold out. Highly recommend visiting this store when you are at LuoDong Night Market!! . Because you cannot get this cookie in other parts of Taiwan!! 

Address: 宜蘭縣羅東鎮民權路160

Map: (From LuoDong Night Market to the Store)


3. Candied Kumquat – Agrioz CO.橘之鄉蜜餞工廠


Agrioz specializes in making candied kumquat and plums, and they also have an open factory in Yilan with exhibitions open to the public for anyone who is interested to see how they make candied kumquat. I see kumquats as super tiny oranges with the similar taste.

Agrioz Company’s story began when a grandmother saw the streets of Yilan were filled with kumquat on the ground, yet no one picked them up to eat, so the grandmother started experimenting different ways of using kumquat as desserts. Today Yilan County is well known for kumquat production, and products like kumquat jam, pickled kumquat, and even kumquat tea.


Address for the Exhibition Factory: 宜蘭市梅洲二路33號

Hours: 7 days a week, 8:30am to 6pm.

Map: (From Yilan Train Station to the Factory/Recommend taking taxi or bus #1783)

4. Peanut Candies – Jin Shau Ya/金少爺西餅名產店


Jin Shau Ya literally can be translated to Golden Gentleman XD The shop was opened first in 1983,  although the family that owns the shop has been making peanut pastries and candies many years before that (Right now I think they are on the 5th generation). This is a family owned store, and the recipes and techniques are only passed down from father to son in the family.


There is no fancy wrappings or decorations, each peanut candy piece has different sizes because they are all hand made. In the first photo above, the top piece is peanuts with black sugar and some tiny cilantro pieces on top. The middle piece is peanut cream candy, the bottom piece is sesame candy.

Address: 宜蘭縣羅東鎮中正南路151號

Map: (LuoDong Train Station to Store/ 15minute by walking)


Travel is about finding new and interesting things to see and try, so if you go to Taiwan, put down the pineapple cake now !! Yilan has many good small eats, let me know if you tried any of those above before and whether you like it ~