FootTracker has lived in many countries like Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada before residing in the United States.

After graduated from college with a degree in Human Development, FootTracker travels to different cities, participates in local festivals, visits places and restaurants that are not on the usual travel books, and talks about the culture she sees. FootTracker blog is about travel and social culture that sparks people’s desire to understand each other and visit other countries more.

The name FootTracker comes from the fact that when the author is traveling, she likes to follow the locals on the street randomly in order to find out where locals likes to eat or shop at.

FootTracker currently works with her Nikon D800E camera.

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You can contact FootTracker by leaving a comment, she reads before approve the comments to go public. For photography cases & travel project, please email:

(Photo of FootTracker Above: Photo Shot By Katrina Davis, a local photographer/teacher in Bay Area, CA)

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