If you love to eat tons of seafood at Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey, but start feeling the tightness of your pants/skirts right after, this is the route you can’t miss.

After eating at Old Fisherman’s Grotto, I started feeling guilty for eating too much…

I walked out of the wharf, saw a bunch of hot, muscular guys in tight shirts and shorts running down the path on the right side exiting the wharf. With my curious nature and urge to satisfy my eyes, I followed behind. That was how I found Fisherman’s Shoreline Park trail: the most convenient place to exercise, to take photos, and to spy on sea lions closely.

Fisherman’s Shoreline Park trail is about 5 acres in total. The park trail includes access to the the beach near the wharf, couple benches along the trail, and if you can walk/run far, just following the path and sidewalk will take you to Cannery Row eventually. Surf fishing is allowed (with CA limits), but apparently fishing is not that great here anyway.

Not far from the beginning of the trail I was already in awe by another view of the wharf. The beach area on the right side of the photo is where you can get close to the sea lions too without barriers!

I went down the stairs leading to the beach area. I looked around and found a lot of “lumps” & rock-like figures on the rocks at first. Puzzled, I walked closer, realizing they are my beloved sea lions taking a nap under the lazy sunshine.

Since the tide was low, I did climb on couple rocks to take more photos. Be careful though, always keep a safe distance away from the sea lions unless you want to be slapped by an angry one…

On the way to Cannery Row, I saw many people walking with dogs. This one in the photo was really big, and probably due to heat, she was walking extremely slow….I guess having too much fur is not good for warmer weather.

I also over heard an interesting conversation between two military guys who were taking a break from their exercise.

“So how you feel after this week? ” said hot guy #1

Lowers his head hot guy #2 “Ugghh, I feel like a grandpa……I never felt like this before, everything hurts. I just do not want to do anything. How about you?”

“Dude, I feel awesome man….never felt so alive before” hot guy #1

(I giggled on the side when I heard the guys…..hehe. Thank you guys for your service^^)

After 1.1 miles / 20minutes filled with hot guys, sea lions, ocean views, and fresh air, I arrived at Cannery Row, and ready for some more action!

I would suggest the following day trip route:

1. Go to Fisherman’s Wharf in the morning for whale watching.

2. Eat lunch at Fisherman’s Wharf (many restaurants offer coupons for free appetizers!)

3. Shop and walk around the wharf.

4. Take the Fisherman Shoreline Park Coastal Trail for an afternoon exercise/photography session.

5.Arrive at Cannery Row for some Monterey Bay Aquarium, plus dinner and night activities!