Hello everyone!

Sorry I went MIA for the last week or so. I been busy with school, as I finished a 30minute class presentation last Wednesday, and a 3 hour, 15 pages of long and short answer final exam for another class last Friday. My hands were shaking so bad after the test on Friday, and I definitely had cramp in my right hand for a night since I have not written so much words since ummm, I have a computer. My last final of the month will be coming up on this Wednesday.

During this period I turned into a cave-woman. Right now I am trying not to look around my room that represents my week of chaos.

I definitely did some cool stuff while away though, like my first video interview (for my internship) with a Mazda driver about their new car, I also found more fun places to hang out in Monterey that also serves live music and trivia nights besides yummy snacks and drinks. Definitely those will be shared later after my final exam on Wednesday ^_^

I can’t wait to come back and share some fun spots & activities !