It has been raining like cats and dogs in San Francisco this week. I was about to get depressed since raining means no outdoor activities for me. That is until I found my old food photos from summer trips and festivals. Thought I post some of my favorite food from past that will make me look forward to summer months again.

1. Shaved Ice – Taiwan

Grass jelly, mochi, taro, peanuts, beans with a layer of sweet sugar water coating the shaved ice on the bottom. This has been my favorite when I visit Taiwan during the humid summer days. Many shaved ice places also serve fruit shaved ice where lots of mangoes, kiwi topped with condensed milk. Definitely a must try when you visit Taiwan in summer.

2. Funnel Cake – North America

This is the most fascinating festival food I tried before during summer. The twisted, weird shape funnel cake that is fried to be golden crispy on the outside, soft in the inside topped with fresh fruits, chilling ice cream, and warm chocolate sauce. Funnel cake definitely caught my heart since 6 years ago, and now I search for it every time there is a festival in town.

3. Fruit Candy On a Stick – Japan

This was an interesting find when I went to Ueno district in Tokyo, Japan. There was a street full of food vendors near the temple there, and my eyes could not stop looking this way to the fruit candy stand. It is basically fruits dipped in thick sugar coat on a stick, but in order for the sugar coat from melting and sticking to something, the vendor kept it on a huge ice block with little holes. Can’t say if it was really delicious, because when I took the first bite, the sugar coat got stuck to my teeth….

4. Chocolate Fruits on a Stick – North America

I have not seen anything like this before (I definitely has not seen this in Taiwan before), and at a sunny warm afternoon, this saved me from overheating. The vendor had the fruits on the stick pre-frozen, then when you order one, she will dip the stick into the chocolate sauce. The chocolate sauce froze instantly when it touches the fruits. A “cool” summer treat that I will not forget. (Now I buy the chocolate banana popsicle in Trader Joe’s to stop my craving)

Are you looking forward to warm, sunny weather? Got any treats you love to get during summer?